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Homework and Supervised Study

It is essential that students develop the habit of regular effective study. Teachers will give students guidance on how to prepare for examinations within each subject area. From first to sixth year, it is important that care and attention is given to ensuring that homework is completed and on time.

In St Raphaeala’s, we strive to support the quality of the education we offer. One of the ways in which we do this is by offering supervised Study. We believe that supervised study can be very advantageous towards students achieving their academic potential. It can also contribute significantly towards giving students a structure which can help them progress further in their studies.

Supervised Study is available in the school each day from 3.20 p.m. to 6. 20 p.m, and on Saturday mornings. All students may participate in the study sessions. A fee is payable for this service.

The school believes that study is an exercise in self-discipline, which must be developed. It involves both written and oral work. It is essential that students develop the habit of study.

First Year students should spend about an hour and a half per day on homework and study, and increasing each year to about three hours for senior students.

The number of students who have part time jobs and the extent of that work is now a cause of great concern. The school wishes to advise parents/guardians that this militates against participation in the overall function of the school and reduces the effectiveness of the student’s classroom experience.

We seek the support of parents/guardians in trying to redress the balance so that students can give their studies priority.

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