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Junior Cycle Subjects English Home Economics Irish Coding Maths Choir Science CSPE Music SPHE Art PE Religion Spanish History French Geography Business
Leaving Certificate Economics aims to stimulate students' curiosity and interest in the economic environment and how they interact with it. It develops
Leaving certificate Physics is broken into eight topics; (a) Six compulsory(b) One of two option sections Compulsory sections are: Mechanics: the study
Leaving Certificate Chemistry aims to provide a relevant course for students who will complete their study of Chemistry at this Level while, at the same
ICDL, the Digital Skills Standard, is the most widely recognised computer certification in the world. Over 16 million people, including 1 million in Ireland
Biology is the most popular of all LC science subjects. The Leaving Cert Biology course is diverse and covers diverse topics such as Cells, Fungi, Genetic
Guidance is etched into the fibre of the school community and the pastoral needs of students at St. Raphaela’s. School Management, Year Heads, Class
St Raphaela’s Secondary School is an open and inclusive school that aims to provide an integrated and inclusive education for all students in its
L.C.V.P. – Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme   L.C.V.P. is a subject, which aims to combine the academic strengths of the Leaving Certificate
Physical Education In line with department guidelines, St. Raphaelas provide two hours per week of Physical Education at all levels. Physical Education
Coding is offered to first, second and transition years in St. Raphaela's. The curriculum for the Junior Cycle Coding short course is followed. The students
Japanese Japanese language is offered as a core module for Transition Year, with all students accessing a full year programme. This programme offers an
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