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Leaving certificate Physics is broken into eight topics;

(a) Six compulsory
(b) One of two option sections

Compulsory sections are:

  1. Mechanics: the study of movement.
  2. Waves: the study of light and sound as waves.
  3. Heat and temperature
  4. Electricity
  5. Electricity and Magnetism: the study of motors and generators
  6. Atomic Physics: the study of the electron and the nucleus.

Two optional sections are:

  1. Particle Physics: the study of the building blocks of matter, their creation and the fundamental forces.
  2. Applied Electricity: a more detailed study of electricity.

The two option sections are omitted from the ordinary level course. The course also consists of 24 core mandatory experiments.


The Leaving Certificate Physics exam is three hours in duration.

Each candidate must answer three questions from Section A (experiments) and five questions from Section B.

There are twelve questions in total on the exam paper. The questions in Section A are worth forty marks and the questions in Section B are worth 56 marks.

There is no element of continuous assessment, but experimental copies must be available for inspection by the State Examinations Commission.

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