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Music and the Arts play an important role in St. Raphaela’s Secondary School . All students from first to sixth year are offered the opportunity to study music and all first-year students sample music and choose their option subjects at the end of first year for Junior Cycle.

All first-year students also sample the short course in Artistic Performance. This gives the students the opportunity to explore and overview of drama, musicals, concert production and visual arts.

All Transition year students study Music and this year we are delighted to have introduced a Musical Performance class in collaboration with St. Benildus College. All Transition year students have the opportunity to work on an aspect of the musical from on stage roles, backstage roles, front of house roles, light and sound technicians and media roles in a collaborative and hands-on manner.

Junior Cycle

Junior cycle music provides students with a comprehensive basis of music theory, compositional skills and practical skills. Students are provided with an in-depth theoretical knowledge of the rudiments of music theory as well as a vast array of practical performance opportunities. Students engage with a wide variety of music from classical and romantic music to pop, rock and rap music. Traditional Irish Music is also studied in detail, as well as other traditional styles of Music from other cultures.

The ability to play an instrument is not a prerequisite to studying Music for Junior Cycle. Students can sing for their practical and opportunities to develop their competency in this area are provided both inside the classroom and outside it.

Exam Structure – Modes of Assessment:

  • 70% Written Exam
  • 30% Practical Exam
  • Two CBAs (Classroom Based Assessments); A composition Portfolio and a programme note.

Leaving Certificate

Leaving Certificate Music builds on the foundations provided at Junior Cycle. However, students who have not studied music at Junior Cycle are not excluded from studying it at Leaving Certificate level. Again, Leaving Certificate Music involves the study of music from a variety of different genres. This year's sixth year students are studying the music of Bach, Tchaikovsky, Queen and Gerald Barry. A comprehensive understanding of composition is developed with students completing both harmony and melody questions. The practical exam is worth a substantial portion of the exam and is assessed around Easter each year. This provides students with a wonderful opportunity to have a large portion of their exam completed prior to the formal exams begin in June.

Exam Structure – Modes of Assessment:

  • 50% Written Exam (25% listening, 25% Composing)
  • 50% Practical Exam (which can include Music Technology

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