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Head Girls Welcome

Head Girls Welcome 2023


Our names are Norah, Lea, and Ava and we are proudly serving as the head girls of St. Raphaela's Secondary School.

As you explore our school website, we want to offer you a glimpse into the vibrant life at St. Raphaela’s through the eyes of students like us.

At St. Raphaela's, we strive to be the best versions of ourselves in academics, sports, and the arts, embodying the proud spirit of a "Raphaela Girl." Together, along with twelve fellow prefects, we form a tight-knit team with a common goal of ensuring our first year “buddies” settle into school life with ease. We act as familiar faces in the hallways, senior role models, and helping hands for both fellow students and teachers throughout the school year.

Reflecting on my (Norah) own journey, my biggest piece of advice is to participate in every facet of school life. Our school offers an abundance of opportunities catering to diverse interests and needs. The first few months are crucial for building special bonds with classmates and teachers alike. Every staff member is approachable, offering guidance and encouragement to help us unleash our full potential during our six years at school.

Here at St Raphaela’s, the staff are extremely dedicated to not only each student's academic career, but also in fostering a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere that inspires student development, growth, and understanding. Our annual sign-up day encourages students, regardless of experience, to explore various clubs and societies. From Hockey to Drama, Fencing to Chess, Soccer and Camogie, Book and Creative Writing Club, Science Club, and The Debate Team — the options are endless!

However, it is not just about the activities; it is about the unique opportunities to travel, compete, and proudly represent our school. Last year all three of us were thrilled to go to Barcelona as part of the senior hockey and soccer teams organized by the school. We played against Spanish teams and explored Barcelona's own amazing tourist attractions like the famous PortAventura world. It truly was a trip we will never forget.

A cherished memory I (Ava) have is the Leinster final with the school Senior Hockey team last year. Despite having a day off school, hundreds of students and teachers came down to Three Rock Rovers Hockey Club to support us. Even though we lost, on returning to school, we were welcomed by the entire student body at the entrance, displaying the remarkable school spirit and support we share at St. Raphaela's.

We consider ourselves fortunate to be part of this special school community where each student is valued, respected, and encouraged to achieve their full potential. Wearing our school crest is a source of pride, representing not only ourselves but the connections made during our time at St. Raphaela’s, which we believe will last a lifetime.

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