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Guidance is etched into the fibre of the school community and the pastoral needs of students at St. Raphaela’s. School Management, Year Heads, Class Tutors and Teachers collaborate to promote a whole school approach to guidance. Within this support network, the Guidance Department plays an integral role in the lives of students throughout their 5-6 years at St. Raphaela’s. Students are offered support, guidance and advice in three main areas—Educational, Vocational and Personal. We strive to empower our students to build resilience and make informed decisions.

Educational Guidance:

Advice on subject choices—First years and TYs

Provision of Study Skills

Advice on subject levels


Guidance Related Learning—6-week modules in First, Second and Third Year

Vocational/Career guidance:

CAO, UCAS, EUNICAS applications

Personal Statement Writing

CV Writing

Support with HEAR/DEAR application process

Guest speakers for colleges of further education and universities

Visits to college exhibitions

One-to-one vocational interviews

Career interest inventory tests

Personal Guidance:

Wellbeing workshops

One-to-one counselling sessions with guidance counsellor

Referrals to outside agencies

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