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Well done TYs - Junk Kouture finals!

Well done TYs - Junk Kouture finals!

We are thrilled to announce that one out of our three entries for Junk Kouture 2022 have made it through to the Dublin City Final. Congratulations to Sorcha Maher and Ellen Rabbitte in TY on their amazing design- Ms. Anatomy!

This piece represents unrealistic beauty standards which many of us are consumed by. As women, we are taught that our beauty is our worth, and in this we forget that we are all the same inside. We believe this is a big issue in our society and want to shed light on it. Our character is so consumed by trying to be perfect and hide who she really is in the inside.

The show will take place in the Bord Gais energy Theatre on Thursday 5th May at 7:00pm. Tickets go on sale today and cost €25. They will be available form ticketmaster or the Bord Gais ticket office.

It is a great night out with some amazing designs and the show and performances are spectacular. We would also love some support!!

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